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Hollywood Adventures

He Yuming (Huang Xiaoming) is a hard-working car salesman; all he dreams of is to propose to the love of his life, Yan Yan (Sarah Li) who is supposed to come back from the US soon. However all of sudden, she breaks up with him on the phone. To fly to Los Angeles and win back Yan Yan, Xiaoming joins a “Hollywood Adventures” tourist group and unwillingly joins forces with fellow traveler Fang Dawei (Tong Dawei), who sees life through the lens of the movies, and reluctant travel guide, Wei Wei (Zhao Wei), a beautiful woman who is everything Xiaoming is not. The trio then goes on an epic cross-cultural adventure where anything is possible in Hollywood.

1hr 59mins long
PG Violence, offensive language & drug use

Xiaoming Huang
Wei Zhao
Dawei Tong