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Hobnails and Hemp Rope: A talk by Pat Morrow Poster

Hobnails and Hemp Rope: A talk by Pat Morrow

Pat Morrow, photographer, and Chair of the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, presents a short film and slideshow on the life and climbing acheivements of Conrad Kain. The film follows the story of four amateur climbers from the Toronto section of the Alpine Club of Canada as they attempt to reproduce the groundbreaking 1916 ascent of Bugaboo Spire by the legendary mountain guide. Morrow is himself an acomplished mountaineer, having been the first to ever summit all of the Messner List 7 Summits. Morrow will provide context to Kain’s pioneering ascent of the most technical alpine climb in Canada of his era, as well as covering Kain's climbing in New Zealand. There will be refreshments and a cash bar, with time before and after the presentation for mingling.