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History Man

History Man, a feature-length documentary, follows in the steps of Michael King on a journey through his own past - to childhood places where the sense of New Zealand and his New Zealandness first struck him, and to the places his work steered him towards and people he met along the way. Early in 2004, New Zealand?s only household-name historian, Michael King, agreed to take part in a documentary about his life and work. He told writer/producer Colin Hogg and director John Carlaw he was curious about his curiosity. "My mind has been bursting with ideas," he said of the project. Sadly, only a matter of weeks later and before filming of the documentary could begin, King and his wife, Maria Jungowska, were killed in a road crash. King had only just survived a throat cancer that had threatened to take his life. The country was stunned at the shock of his death. Over more than three decades, King had become one of our most beloved writers ? his insatiable curiosity feeding New Zealand an extraordinary run of books about us and our past. His latest, The Penguin History of New Zealand, is a publishing sensation.


Michael King