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This group from Denmark is returning to Hokitika after a most successful concert 3 years ago. ESKIL ROMME (Soprano Saxophone) is from Funen, but has lived in Himmerlands in Northern Jutland, most of his life. During the 30 years Eskil has played, he has mixed traditional Danish music with jazz and other related genres. On his many travels in Scandinavia and the UK, he has developed his very own ``North Sea blend`` of sounds and styles. In 2009 he released the album ``Himmerlandsmelodier``, which also was the beginning of the band Himmerland. Eskil is the artistic director of the small but well-reputed Halkær Festival, and he is known for its many international tours with bands like ``Færd`` and ``Kryss``. NUALA KENNEDY (Irish singer and flute player) with hauntingly beautiful vocals, adventurous instrumentation, and an imaginative mix of influences has become a close friend of HIMMERLAND Nuala Kennedy`s singing and flute playing springs from the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland, and from the fathomless realms of her own imagination. A consummate performer with a buoyant personality, her music has been described as unique, evocative, and soul-satisfying. Himmerland met with Nuala in Australia 2015, jam’ed and performed a lot together, and for the future decided to work close together as far as geographical consideration allows it. SIGURD HOCKINGS (Guitar), Sigurd is known from bands like Habbadám and Fromseier Hockings. He is one of the most skilful and versatile folk guitarists in Denmark. Inspiration for his very individual and accomplished playing style has come from both Scandinavian and Celtic music traditions. Sigurd developed he’s guitar skills while studying guitar by Chris Newmann during he’s years at The Music Academy in Odense, Denmark. AYI SOLOMON (percussion, vocals) is from Ghana but has lived in Copenhagen for more than 30 years. Solomon enjoys great respect wherever he has played the last several years, both in Denmark and internationally. He has released two albums in his own name, and he has performed and toured with a wide range of top professional bands and projects in genres like world music, rock, pop and jazz. Among the best known are ``Pierre Dørge & The New Jungle Orchestra``, ``Moussa Diallo Band`` and ``Palle Mikkelborg``

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Nuala Kennedy
Eskil Romme