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Hellbent Poster


It's Halloween this month, and what better way to celebrate than watching hapless West Hollywood twinks get knocked off by a masked musclebound maniac with a sickle? Slasher films were huge in the 1980s, and taught heterosexual teenagers the important lesson that having sex, smoking weed or doing anything vaguely fun would get you killed. Twenty years on, and writer/director Paul Etheredge-Ouzts thought the genre was long overdue for a gay entry. Police technician Eddie and his mates Chaz, Joey and Toby are off for a fun night of hedonism at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, but will they survive till dawn? The community is abuzz with talk of a double killing that left two cute lads making out in a car headless the night before. Will Eddie be able to live up to the reputation of his police officer father, killed in the line of duty, and unmask the villain? Or will he need help from bad boy Jake, who he randomly meets up with in a tattoo shop and has the hots for? Trashy mayhem and a fun night out guaranteed.

1hr 40mins long

Hank Harris
Dylan Fergus
Bryan Kirkwood