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Hell and Back Again

The Afghan War has produced several outstanding documentaries, but nothing like this Oscar-nominated coverage of a soldier's return. Photojournalist Danfung Dennis spent a month in Helmand Province with a US marine company – a month of intense, bloody fighting. The imagery is astonishing and visceral, but it's a prelude to the film's heart and soul, which follows the coming home of Sgt Nathan Harris after a bullet wound puts an abrupt end to his third tour. Cutting like a troubled dream between footage of the hyper-alert Harris in combat and scenes of his struggle to cope with rehabilitation back home, Hell and Back Again is startling in its discreet mix of intimacy and objectivity, a potent addition to the canon of classic war films.

1hr 30mins long

Terry Roberts
Nathan Harris
In English
Eric Meador
Edward Hubbard
Christian Cabaniss
Ashley Harris