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Before Pelé, there was Heleno, a talented player whose arrogance and violent temper would destroy his life both on and off the field. The film will please both lovers of the sport and lovers of the Seventh Art. “In the early 1940’s, Rio was a glamorous oasis in a world ravaged by war. Film director Fonseca conjures this epoch in high-contrast black and white, evoking the films of the classic Hollywood era. Santoro (300, Love Actually, Behind the Sun) gives the performance of his career, effortlessly evoking Heleno’s glory days in a delectable combination of the cocksure and the charismatic.” - Toronto International Film Festival

1hr 56mins long
M Contains violence,offensive language,drug use and sex scenes

Rodrigo Santoro
Othon Bastos
José Henrique Fonseca
Angie Cepeda
Aline Moraes