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Head in the Clouds Poster

Head in the Clouds

Bohemian aristocrat Gilda Bess? (Charlize Theron) shares hedonistic adventures with her lover Guy (Stuart Townsend) and a close friend, Mia (Pen?lope Cruz). Gilda exists in a glamorous cocoon of wealth and pleasure as fascism and resistance movements battle for power in pre-World War II Europe outside the doors of her Paris apartment. When war erupts in Spain, Guy and Mia follow their consciences to fight the Fascists while Gilda stays behind entertaining and bedding Nazis. Opposing ideals and the horrors of war ultimately separate the friends, but love allows their destinies to collide one last time.

2 hours long
R16 Contains violence and sex scenes

Thomas Kretschmann
Stuart Townsend
Penelope Cruz
David La Haye
Charlize Theron