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L?emis is proud to present, in association with AroVideo, Häxan: Benjamin Christensen`s 1922 silent horror masterpiece, complete with a new score performed live by an ensemble of musicians with live narration. ``Häxan is a film possessed with a bold, progressive agenda that shattered any pre-conceived notions I had that conflate silent black-and-white images with respectability and naivety. It’s visceral depiction of humanity bedevilled by fear, ignorance, intolerance and injustice make it a film as much for these times as it was when it was made nearly 100 years ago. Still an absolute treat for contemporary audiences, its Gothic visual tableaux is so intoxicating and its polemic so rational, it really needs no updating. It also frequently taps a vein of heretical satire. Presented here in a shorter version that is ideally suited to a live cinema event, this will be a communal experience not to be missed``. Andrew Armitage, AroVideo

1hr 16mins long

Tora Teje
Oscar Stribolt
Maren Pedersen
John Andersen
Elith Pio
Elisabeth Christensen
Clara Pontoppidan
Benjamin Christensen
Benjamin Christensen