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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Poster

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Harry Potter lives in a cupboard under the stairs with his adopted family, the quite horrid Dursleys. On his eleventh birthday he receives a visit from the wizard Hagrid who tells Harry that he is really the child of two magicians and that he has a most promising future ahead of him as a wizard. Harry accompanies Hagrid to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft. There he befriends two classmates, Ron Weasley and Hermione Grainger, and soon learns all about spells, potions, levitation, broomstick flying and such like. But he increasingly comes to suspect that the potions master Snape is up to sinister things. Harry, Ron and Hermione discover that a giant three-headed dog on the third floor is guarding the all-powerful sorcerer's stone, which can transmute metals and grant immortality, and that it is wanted by Lord Voldemort, the dark magician who killed Harry's parents.


Rupert Grint
Robbie Coltrane
John Cleese
Emma Watson
Daniel Radcliffe