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Harry Potter Marathon Poster

Harry Potter Marathon

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present an incredible movie-themed event right here at The Roxy this March! Come spend the weekend immersed in the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter. We’re screening ALL 8 FILMS back to back! Save your galleons and bring your friends - this will be a night to remember. Dress up and come along with your broomsticks, beanbags, pillows and blankets. The Roxy is going full Hogwarts for this Harry Potter extravaganza, complete with a costume comp, quidditch match, quizzes and prizes, not to mention themed meals and snacks! Tickets $150 and include dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and all the tea, coffee and biscuits you can handle!

16hrs 39mins long