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Happy 140

Elia (Maribel Verdú) has a secret. In an extravagant gesture, she rents a luxury villa to celebrate her 40th with family and friends. Amongst her invitees is her vulnerable sister Cati, her tough husband Juan (Antonio de la Torre) and their 15-year-old son Bruno, as well as Elia’s ex Mario (Ginés García Millán) and his insufferable new fiancée Claudia. At Elia’s birthday dinner, the group shares the best recent news about their lives, but none compare to Elia’s bombshell. She’s won 140 million euros. Far from celebrating Elia’s good news, her guests begin secretly plotting against her. As the air thickens with tension, Elia’s good intentions take a startling turn for the worse, culminating in the ultimate moral crises for all. Director Gracia Querejeta recruits a prestigious, multi-Goya award-winning cast to bring her gripping black comedy to life. Happy 140 explores conflicting notions of generosity and deservedness, and masterfully connects the lives of the characters in order to question, how far would any of us go for 140 million?

1hr 38mins long

Maribel Verdu
Eduard Fernandez
Antonio de la Torre