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Hamlet Poster


"Forget Anonymous. The craziest, most revelatory Shakespeare conspiracy theory film of the year was Sven Gade and Heinz Schall's 1921 Hamlet… As Hamlet, born female but raised male to ensure the succession, Asta Nielsen – out-Garbo-ing Garbo – put the antic in Romantic with every precise and balletic gesture of yearning and despair, torn between Horatio and Ophelia more than duty and honour. A dazzling argument for the performative power of silent cinema, even treating a play of 'Words, words, words'." – Sophie Mayer, Sight & Sound

1hr 51mins long

Svend Gade
Paul Conradi
Mathilde Brandt
Lilly Jacobsson
Heinz Stieda
Heinz Schall
Hans Junkermann
Fritz Achterberg
E. von Winterstein
Asta Nielsen
Anton de Verdier