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Half Nelson

Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) is a young inner-city junior high school teacher whose ideals wither and die in the face of reality. Day after day in his shabby Brooklyn classroom, he somehow finds the energy to inspire his 13 and 14-year-olds to examine everything from civil rights to the Civil War with a new enthusiasm. Rejecting the standard curriculum in favor of an edgier approach, Dan teaches his students how change works – on both a historical and personal scale – and how to think for themselves.

1hr 46mins long
R16 Contains drug use, sex scenes, offensive language

Tristan Wilds
Tina Holmes
Shareeka Epps
Sebastian Sozzi
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Fleck
Nicole Vicius
Monique Curnen
Karen Chilton
Jay O. Sanders
Deborah Rush
Collins Pennie
Anthony Mackie