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Grill Point

In the unglamorous East German city of Frankfurt an der Oder, two couples in their late thirties are stuck in their dreary lives. Radio host Chris and his second wife Katrin don't have much to say to each other, in or out of bed. Their good friend Uwe works ridiculous hours at his hot-dog stand and neglects his wife Ellen and their kids. All four characters are set in their ways, with their futures mapped out...or is it?

1hr 51mins long

Thorsten Merten
Steffi Kuhnert
Ralf Schonknecht
Miro De Vittoris
Mascha Rommel
Knut Elstermann
Julia Ziesche
Jens Graßmehl
Gregor Ziesche
Gabriela Maria Schmeide
Eberhard Urban
Doris Schli