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Grandpa's Watch (O Relogio do Meu Avo) Poster

Grandpa's Watch (O Relogio do Meu Avo)

The director goes on a journey to his grandfather`s homeland, Transylvania, in search of an old watch his grandpa hid before the Nazis came to take the family to Auschwitz. The 70-minute documentary tells the story of immigrant Holocaust survivors who settled in Brazil after World War II. Through the pursuit by the film`s director of the history of his Hungarian grandfather and ancestors, the memories of a dark time reappear in testimonials by survivors themselves. From Israel to Hungary, Poland, and Brazil, Heller tries to understand his family’s past, discovering dark secrets along the way. Alex Levy Heller is a Brazilian tv and film director and producer, based in Rio de Janeiro. After gaining a BFA in Dramatic Arts and Broadcasting at the University of Nebraska, USA, he worked as a TV producer and director at TV Kyne, ESPN and CNN. Back in Brazil he worked on the films ``The Year My Parents Went on Vacation`` and “Dzi Croquettes`` (RBFF 2011) both won several awards. Alex is also the Executive Director of the Brazil Visual Circuit of Brazilian film festivals abroad, with editions held in Australia, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania, Scotland and USA.

1hr 10mins long

Alex Levy Heller
Alex Levy Heller