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Goodbye Solo

Solo (Souleymane Sy Savane) is a hard-working, gregarious Senegalese immigrant driving a taxi to support his pregnant wife and young stepdaughter. One night, a gruff 70-year-old named William (Red West, of Elvis's Memphis Mafia fame) gets in his cab and offers Solo a job: in two weeks' time he wants Solo to drive him to Blowing Rock, a jagged mountain peak where the wind mythically blows upward toward the sky. Solo comes to understand William's plan, and compassionately charms his way into the older man's life – becoming his personal driver, introducing him to his family, and revealing his dream of becoming a flight attendant. Yet even as they form a unique bond, William keeps his own past and motivations secret. When Solo tries to intervene and investigate, William angrily sends him away. As the days dwindle and the journey to Blowing Rock draws nearer, Solo agonizes over how best to help his friend, whatever the cost.

1hr 31mins long
M Contains offensive language.

Souleymane Sy Savane
Sarah S. Brooks
Red West
Ramin Bahrani
Peter N. Anyieth
Mamadou Lam
Lasheka Brown
Jim Babel
Diana Franco Galindo
Carmen Leyva