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Good Morning Heartache Poster

Good Morning Heartache

The action centres on a documentary team who set out to capture the effect that being a 'temp actor' has on personal lives. Their focus is on a young couple, actor Giovanni (Foschi) and freelance film-editor Lucia (a radiant Rohrwacher) who live together in central Rome with their one-year-old son. What these documentary makers don't expect is to stumble headlong into a crisis situation, as Giovanni, with cameras rolling, announces over a romantic anniversary dinner that he's leaving Lucia and walks out. The camera continues relentlessly filming the couple despite this unexpected real life crisis. Lucia's solitude and heartache are mercilessly dissected by the lens of cameraman Eros, while at the same time, Lucia's husband is having a passionate affair with a female doctor whom he is convinced is the new love of his life. As the documentary makers continue to follow the separated couple around, they find themselves increasingly drawn into the messy and raw emotional drama rather than exploring the issues of job insecurity and disillusionment so pervasive in the movie industry, especially among young people.

1hr 33mins long
M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Valentina Lodovini
Stefano Fresi
Massimo De Santis
Marina Rocco
Marco Foschi
Hossein Taheri
Giulia Weber
Francesca Cutolo
Cristina Odasso
Anna Negri
Alessandro Averone
Alba Rohrwacher