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Golden Door

Presented by Martin Scorsese, "Golden Door" is a modern fable from director Emanuele Crialese that captures the spirit of the immigrant experience as one family sheds the comfort of the Old World for the opportunities of the New - a risk that carries no guarantee of success. In a desolate corner of the Sicilian countryside lives a family of peasants who have worked the same land for generations, at one with nature, surrounded by the spirits of the dead. The hard changeless monotony of daily life is interrupted by tales of the New World where money falls from trees and carrots are ten feet long. Salvatore makes the momentous decision to sell all he has - his land, his home, his livestock - and take his children and aged mother to a better life across the ocean. To become citizens of the New World, they must die a little and be reborn, leaving behind the antiquated customs and superstitions of their homeland. They must be strong in body and healthy in mind, learn to obey and swear loyalty if they wish to pass through the Golden Door. Aided by a mysterious American woman aboard the ship, this metamorphosis occurs during the four difficult weeks of crossing the ocean, which leads to the final judgment: the Island of Tears, Ellis Island. Here, the guardians of the New World will scrutinize the bodies and minds of these prospective citizens, in this wonderful, terrible place where many families will be forced to choose to split up forever. Not all are destined to enter the gates of Heaven.

1hr 58mins long
PG Contains low level offensive language

Vincenzo Amato
Vincent Schiavelli
Massimo Laguardia
Isabella Ragonese
Francesco Casisa
Filippo Pucillo
Filippo Luna
Federica De Cola
Ernesto Mahieux
Emanuele Crialese
Charlotte Gainsbourg