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Going Down in La-La Land

Just what will an aspiring actor do to make it in Hollywood? Young, buff, and beautiful , Adam arrives from New York with dreams of becoming a star. He moves in with best friend Candy who, between auditions, spends her time at the gym, shopping, and looking for a wealthy man. Candy's expecting her big break any day now-and has been for years. Adam soon realises the road to fame is long and tedious, as he finds himself struggling for money and stuck in insufferable temp jobs answering phones. He falls for Nick, a photographer with less-than-honorable intentions and a drug habit, and Nick hooks him up with an office job at a gay porn production company. Adam initially refuses to go in front of the camera – but bills won't pay themselves and soon Adam gives in to his naked ambition. Circumstances snowball until he's being pimped out by his boss as a high-class escort to famous men who need discretion with their booty calls. But when Adam falls in love with one of his clients, a closeted TV star, his dreams of serious acting-and true love-hang in the balance.Based on the novel by Andy Zeffer, ``Going Down in LA-LA Land`` is a riveting and uncensored look at Hollywood – candid, sexy and outrageously funny.

1hr 47mins long
R18 Contains drug use,sex scenes and offensive language