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Gary McCormick & Mayor Tim Shadbolt Poster

Gary McCormick & Mayor Tim Shadbolt

"While all about us loose their heads…" Mayor Shadbolt and loyal sidekick, Gary McCormick decide to lead the country back from the recession depression. "Now is the time for all good men – and women, to come to the aid of the Party!" So says Gary McCormick, founder of the Pull Yourself Together Party. "If ever there was a time when cool heads are needed to tell good jokes and keep things in perspective, this is that time." Mayor Tim Shadbolt, fresh from the success of his book, A Mayor of Two Cities, agrees. "History shows that in times of economic downturn, people look to drink more – which I cannot personally endorse… and seek out entertainment to distract them. Gary and I have decided to lead the charge, take to the lovely streets and lanes of this country, the pubs and clubs where people know each other and demonstrate that in the words of one of our great prophets, Fred Dagg: that "we don't know how lucky we are!" Gary McCormick and Mayor Tim are celebrating over 80 shows around New Zealand over the last three years. "We have always specialized in local community venues where you can go to and fro with the people in the audience. The people who come along are very friendly and as performers,we can have a lot of fun with them." Mayor Tim and Gary come from the tradition of comedy being a story-telling and user-friendly art form. "We're a little over the full-on swearing thing which seems to be popular in comedy these days," says McCormick. "We like comedy to be fun and about New Zealand." Gary is co-host of the More FM breakfast show in Christchurch with another former TV presenter Simon Barnett. In the last survey the show rated number one in all markets 10-plus. They are now also being networked to Nelson. "A sense of humour is the key to everything, especially in these difficult economic times. That's why we are on the road now!" says Mayor Tim.

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Tim Shadbolt
Gary McCormick