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French Film Festival: Yellowbird Poster

French Film Festival: Yellowbird

This first feature film by French animation studios TeamTo follows the young yellowbird Gus, leading a group of stranded birds to Africa. Orphaned Gus was saved and raised by a lovely ladybug who now wants him to fly off and live an independent life. Fearful and clumsy, Gus seems to want the opposite but his encounter with dying migrating bird Darius (Pierre Richard) will change the course of his life. As the sky is becoming increasingly infested by ‘iron birds’ (planes), Darius tells Gus the safest route to follow. The small bird will take Delf (Sara Forestier), Karl (Bruno Salomone), and the rest of the flock on an educational journey. Flying across the French countryside to Paris, and over tempestuous seas, our winged heroes will show resilience and courage. Filled with action and laughter, this animated film is above all a valuable story on the ecological impact of mankind. Will we, one day, make it impossible for birds to migrate?

1hr 30mins long