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French Film Festival: Un Plus Une Poster

French Film Festival: Un Plus Une

Veteran filmmaker Claude Lelouch (A Man and a Woman, Les Misérables) offers a melodic love story, with an Indian flavour. World-famous composer Antoine Abeilard (Academy Award® winner Jean Dujardin) travels to India to write the score of new version of Romeo and Juliette. Invited to an official dinner given in his honour by the Ambassador of France (Christophe Lambert, Highlander, Subway), Antoine meets Anna (Elsa Zylberstein), the Ambassador’s wife. Despite being newly engaged to his fiancee Alice (Alice Pol, Superchondriac), Antoine remains a serial flirter and cannot resist charming this dazzling and mysterious creature. Materialist and nihilist, the artist is drawn to this woman who, in contrast, has embraced the spirituality of her adoptive country. Encountering difficulties in conceiving a child, she is about to embark on a pilgrimage to the South of India to meet the real-life healer Amma, also known as the ‘hugging saint’. Dismissive at first, Antoine decides to accompany Anna. As we follow the pair on a long train journey across India, amid their blossoming romance the duo are faced with the reality of their commitments. Colourful, moving, and funny, Un plus Une is a pure pleasure to watch.

1hr 53mins long