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French Film Festival: The Student & Mr Henri Poster

French Film Festival: The Student & Mr Henri

Ivan Calbérac’s screen adaptation of his smash hit Parisian play is sure to delight all generations. Mr Henri (played by the iconic Claude Brasseur) is now too old to live on his own. When his introverted bourgeois son Paul (Tonquédec) offers to rent the spare bedroom to a student, Henri reluctantly accepts and lets Constance (Noémie Schmidt) move in. The stubborn yet confidence-lacking provincial girl has moved to Paris to finish her studies and to escape her bossy father’s order to take over the family market stall. When Henri finds out about Constance’s financial troubles, he offers her free rent on the condition that she help break up his son’s marriage to airhead daughter-in-law Valérie (Frédérique Bel). Torn between guilt and a desire for independence, Constance will have to make a decision. Will she break apart a family? And what will happen to her relationship with the grumpy and distant Mr Henri?

1hr 38mins long