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French Film Festival: Microbe & Gasoline Poster

French Film Festival: Microbe & Gasoline

Groovy filmmaker Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mood Indigo) returns with an original coming-of-age road movie. Microbe (Dargent) is a shy and frail boy, often lost in his drawings. Gasoline (Baquet) is a smart, inventive kid, who always has his hands in engines. When Gasoline arrives as a new student at Microbe’s school in the middle of the year, the two instantly become great friends. As the summer vacation draws closer, they both know that neither wants to spend two months with their respective families. Microbe’s mother (played by the brilliant Audrey Tautou) is a depressive cult follower, whereas Gasoline’s parents are dismissive of his passion for motors. With a lawnmower engine, a few planks, and a genius plan, the friends build their own vehicle and set off for adventure on the roads of France. Newcomers Dargent and Banquet shine in this heart-warming feature and their inventiveness echoes the do-it-yourself quality of Gondry’s filmmaking.

1hr 43mins long