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French Film Festival: In Harmony Poster

French Film Festival: In Harmony

In Harmony is the story of a forced interaction, following a tragic event, that will affect its protagonists in more ways than they could imagine. Marc (Albert Dupontel, The Clink of Ice, 9 Month Stretch) is an equestrian stuntman. When a serious accident on set leaves him paralysed, his prospects of ever getting back on a horse are close to zero. Florence (Cécile de France, also starring in this Festival’s romantic drama La Belle Saison) works for Marc’s insurance company and is in charge of his case. Cold at first, and set on getting Marc to accept the lowest payout, Florence is moved by his determination to ride his beloved horse again. His bravery and obstinacy resonate with her regret of having given up on becoming a professional piano player. Director Denis Dercourt, himself a trained classical musician, takes us back to his own love of piano, also explored in his 2006 thriller The Page Turner. Set against the stunning backdrop of the south west of France, In Harmony reminds us that our destinies can always change. But will it be for the better?

1hr 30mins long