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French Film Festival: Hippocrates Poster

French Film Festival: Hippocrates

This French take on the popular medical drama genre centres around young doctor Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste, The French Kissers, Lolo) as he starts a six-month internship in a Paris hospital. Confident and eager to learn, we follow Benjamin on his rounds, treating patients and performing procedures. One night while on call, Benjamin has to deal with an alcoholic and homeless patient, Tsunami, who complains of chest pains. With the ECG machine broken, a diagnosis is made quickly – the patient’s cirrhosis is the cause, and the treatment will be pain-killers. Needless to say, Benjamin is wrong, and Tsunami is found dead the next morning. When Tsunami’s estranged wife appears demanding an explanation, the management’s decision to cover up the incident is questioned. Fellow Algerian intern Abdel (show-stealer Reda Kateb, Far From Men, Of Gods And Men) puts his own career on the line to help Benjamin avoid the axe. This documentary-like feature takes the audience on a clinical exploration of the French medical system. Stuck in a very masculine and almost teenage-like culture, working long hours, facing budget cuts and low on supplies, medical staff become dubious when it comes to respecting the Hippocratic Oath.

1hr 42mins long