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French Film Festival: First Growth Poster

French Film Festival: First Growth

Bursting with sumptuous cinematography of Burgundy vineyards, an assured cast, and a feel-good script, First Growth is vintage French movie-making about the art of making wine. The son of a winegrower, Charlie left his vineyard home to become a renowned Parisian oenologist and the author of a hugely successful wine guide. When Charlie returns to help his family’s failing enterprise, he struggles with temperamental weather, a delicate crop, and the doubts of his father (Gérard Lanvin, Get Well Soon – Festival 2015). Can the wine critic become a wine producer? First Growth is a delightful and rewarding film from director Jérôme Le Maire that lovingly captures today’s professional world of winemaking and the challenges each new generation must face. Lanvin is particularly affecting as the gruff patriarch who has become disillusioned with wine. A well-made film with lots of body and a perfect finish, First Growth is a film to be enjoyed now with friends.

1hr 37mins long