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French Film Festival: Day Break Poster

French Film Festival: Day Break

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Marcel Carné’s death, the Festival will show one of his masterpieces, Daybreak. It all begins with a gunshot and a body falling down stairs. The man responsible – assassin François (the illustrious Jean Gabin, Grand Illusion – Festival 2015) – locks himself in his room as the police surround the building and wait for dawn to storm it. Throughout the night, François is alone with his memories: the day he met a charming flower-girl, Valentin’s (Jules Berry) cruel cynicism, and the beautiful Clara’s (Arletty) love for him. An iconic film of poetic realism, Daybreak knew a difficult fate. Released on the eve of the Second World War, Daybreak was censored and attacked, long before being recognised as a notable work of art. Blessed by the words of poet Jacques Prévert and featuring outstanding performances, Daybreak deals with the themes of class struggle and responsibility. This impeccable restoration is a must-see to understand Carné’s masterful influence on both French and world cinema.

1hr 33mins long