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French Film Festival: Daddy Or Mommy Poster

French Film Festival: Daddy Or Mommy

Following the delightful comedy What’s In A Name, writers Alexandre de La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte are back with another irreverent story. Florence (the always hilarious Foïs) and Vincent Leroy (Lafitte, from La Comédie Française) have been the definition of a perfect couple: happily married, successful in their jobs, and parents to three beautiful children. Now that their love for each other has faded, they want to be successful in getting a divorce. The issue is that they have both been offered incredible work opportunities… abroad. The parent with custody of the children will have to stay in France. Emotional blackmail, party trashing, and failed haircuts are all part of Florence and Vincent’s attempts to avoid gaining custody.

1hr 40mins long