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French Film Festival: Boomerang Poster

French Film Festival: Boomerang

Adapted from the best-selling thriller A Secret Kept by writer Tatiana de Rosnay, Boomerang is a twist-filled tale of secrets and lies – and the inevitability of their return. Effortlessly scripted and performed, Boomerang is a riveting mystery of the highest order. A stunning ensemble cast is headed by stalwarts Laurent Lafitte (also starring in this year’s Festival comedy Daddy or Mommy) and Mélanie Laurent (so memorable in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds) as siblings haunted by the unexplained death of their mother decades earlier. Their seemingly benign grandmother is played by none other than French New Wave great and Jacques Rivette muse Bulle Ogier in a masterful turn. Layer after layer of intrigue is revealed as they search among their family’s hidden memories for the shocking truth of their mother’s death. With ravishing photography of the Atlantic beaches around the island of Noirmoutier, director François Favrat has woven a deeply involving web of deceit and revelation with a perfectly paced plot that grips you to the final frame. The film leaves audiences wondering whether the consequences of knowing the truth could be worse than believing a lie

1hr 41mins long