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French Film Festival: Bang Gang Poster

French Film Festival: Bang Gang

Eva Husson’s first feature is an articulate and exquisitely shot study of teenagers’ relationships and sexuality in the digital age. It’s the early days of summer in the seaside town of Biarritz. School has not finished yet, but the students are eagerly (and tiresomely) awaiting the start of the holidays. Alex (Oldfield) has been left alone by his mother in the family estate. He and his curly redhead buddy Nikita (Hotier) spend their days smoking, watching tennis, and searching for distractions. At one of their parties, the darkly seductive George (mesmerising newcomer Lima), along with her seemingly shy friend Laetitia (Broom), decide to spice things up by taking a game of dare to another level. The Bang Gang is thus created, and the group gets bigger as the heatwave grows stronger, drawing together its many members who begin to document their exploits via social media. Bang Gang is a finely crafted film, reminiscent of controversial teenage dramas such as Larry Clark’s Kids and Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. Troelstrup’s cinematography and White Sea’s soundtrack complement Husson’s intelligent and novel take on the genre. Her directorial choices defy our expectations as viewers, and we can only be grateful for that.

1hr 38mins long