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Four Minutes Poster

Four Minutes

80-year-old piano teacher Traude Krueger (Monica Bleibtreu) teaches music at a women's prison. One of the most dangerous inmates is Jenny (Hannah Herzsprung), a convicted killer subject to random and severe bouts of violence. But Jenny has a gift; she plays the piano with a glorious touch Traude has not heard since a harrowing event in her young life during WW2. Determined to show Jenny's talent to the world and to exorcise her own pain, Traude encourages her student to enter a prestigious piano contest. Four minutes in front of an audience and judges is all it will take, but for Jenny the most difficult part is finding the willpower.

1hr 52mins long
R13 Contains violence,offensive language and content that may disturb

Sven Pippig
Richy Muller
Monica Bleibtreu
Jasmin Tabatabai
Hannah Herzsprung
Chris Kraus