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Forever Vespa

The Vespa: An Italian symbol of a fresh start at the end of World War II; a picture of optimism and of growing wealth; an emblem of the family; and the witness of many love stories. Exactly 62 years after its arrival on the scene, the Vespa is still a cult object worldwide for young and old, a vehicle capable of changing its look while keeping its own familiar design. A mere scooter, it has remained in vogue for no less than six decades. Its story runs parallel with the history of Italy and Europe from the end of the war until present day, step by step with the social and cultural changes that have taken place in the last 60 years. The story is narrated with the help of firsthand testimonials, exclusive interviews with those who first launched the Vespa on the market, designers of various models over the years, those who have analysed the Vespa phenomenon, as well as charming interviews with collectors and fans of Vespas worldwide

54mins long

Pippo Cappellano
Marina Cappabianca