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For the next 7 Generations Poster

For the next 7 Generations

A PRODUCTION OF THE LAUGHING WILLOW COMPANY, INC. A PROJECT OF THE CENTER FOR SACRED STUDIES AND THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF 13 INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS Thirteen cycles of the moon. Each calendar year, as our small planet revolves around the sun, the moon has waxed and waned thirteen times since its creation. Now Mother Earth is in grave danger and thirteen indigenous grandmothers have come together to help heal our planet. Powerful healers in forces across the globe, spanning geographic and cultural boundaries, the grandmothers celebrate ancient traditions that are ties to the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. With the knowledge that has been passed down to them, an awareness of acute need to act and the kindness, patience, humor and perseverance that accrue with age, these powerful and remarkable thirteen grandmothers will pull you into their orbit as they work to renew the Earth. Now, for yourself, your children and the generations to follow, share in their life-changing journey. Because it?s that important. And because when grandmothers talk, you should listen.