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For The Sake of a Hat

If the Wests had lived in Timaru, this is what their story would have looked like. It`s always hard to know what to expect from a movie shot and cast in sleepy South Canterbury, but I certainly was not expecting shades of the smash-hit New Zealand show Outrageous Fortune to be woven into Peter Frahm`s plot. The movie is a comedic and well-told exposure of Timaru`s underbelly, and it`s about time somebody made it. A local comedy isn`t expected to be world-class and this rings true of For the Sake of a Hat. The film has the feel of a slick drama league production captured on the big screen. Being low-budget, it`s at times cringeworthy and at times brilliant. There is a truly fantastic fight scene and look out for the unique cocktails, but perhaps avert your eyes when any sentiment is attempted by the characters. Overall, the jokes strike the right note, the plot is racy, and despite the slightly naff ending, it`s worth a watch. One of the best things about the movie, as a local viewer, is the constant recognition of places and faces. Watching the film is at times a bit like Lord of the Rings scenery spotting on overdrive. Frahm leaves the viewer in no doubt that the setting of the film is wholeheartedly Timaru. And if you`ve lived in the region for more than a week, chances are you`ll recognise at least three cast members. That`s the real joy of this one. Timaru mayor Janie Annear will not win any Oscars for her lead role but it was refreshing to see someone with a high profile putting everything out there for people to see - at times literally. I would recommend checking it out - you can support a local film and get some good chuckles out of it too.

1hr 35mins long

Peter Frahm
Peter Frahm
Julie Sollis
Janie Annear