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Fireworks Wednesday (Chaharshanbeh Suri) Poster

Fireworks Wednesday (Chaharshanbeh Suri)

“The titular fireworks are literal – the story takes place as Iranians celebrate New Year by spring-cleaning and lighting firecrackers – and metaphorical: when Rouhi (Taraneh Alidoosti), a young bride-to-be working for a cleaning agency, turns up at the apartment of a couple about to go on holiday, she’s drawn into an explosive domestic conflict.” — Geoff Andrew, Time Out London

1hr 44mins long
M Contains violence and offensive language

Taraneh Alidoosti
Sahar Dolatshahi
Pantea Bahram
Matin Heydarnia
Houman Seyedi
Hedieh Tehrani
Hassan Tasïri
Hamid Farokh-Nejad