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Finding Mr. Right Poster

Finding Mr. Right

City girl Jiajia is traveling to Seattle to give birth to the son who`s going to help her win over her rich, married boyfriend. Armed with his unlimited credit card and the singular goal of bringing a little U.S. citizen back to Beijing, Jiajia knows how to play this game of modern love. But when Jiajia arrives in Seattle, the city which inspired her favorite movie Sleepless in Seattle, nothing goes right: she`s stuck sharing a small house with two other pregnant ladies, she has trouble reaching her boyfriend on the phone, and eventually, even the credit card stops working. To top that off, the only person willing to spend time with her is her driver Frank. Frank is the opposite of everything she ever wanted in a man... or could he be exactly the kind of guy she really needs?

2hrs 1min long

Xue Xiaolu
Wu Xiubo
Tang Wei
Hai Qing
Elaine Jin
Carrie Wang