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Finding Boomer

"Perhaps the most curiously eccentric and provocative documentary film to come out of Nelson in recent years will have its debut screening at Nelson’s State Cinema on September 9. Finding Boomer is the enthusiastic creation of Nelson man Peter Butler, who recruited Dunedin filmmaker John Irwin to help him make the 70 minute film. The well connected narrative is largely told through a series of modern day interviews with an articulate cast of alternative lifestyles who made western Golden Bay their home during the 1980s. They insightfully reflect not only on their own lives but connect through their common experience with a larger-than-life gold miner called Boomer Daily. The colourful and often notorious exploits of this man became legendary with time, whether it was playing up in the backblocks, at parties, or in the bedroom with a succession of local (mostly married) women who all fell to his rugged charms. Whatever happened to Boomer? This film invokes the mayhem and takes the watcher on a journey to find out." Gerard Hindmarsh