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Eyes and Ears

EYES and EARS (G) Four films to stimulate the senses FIRST BREATH is a 28 minute audio visual treat the music was written and produced by Jim Carey, it features the massed choirs of Cornwall (over 1000 voices) and many talented musicians, the music was the canvass and inspiration for film maker Robin Kewell to add the images from his archive, resulting in this treat for the ears and eyes INHALE-EXHALE (6 mins) Vincent Wards stunningly beautiful piece of work where his art submerges the viewer in a visceral and immersive world in which themes of metamorphosis, light, fear, awe and darkness are explored. WIND (12 mins) When wind extinguishes the flame of a lighthouse and a ship heads blindly towards the rocks it falls to a fishermen`s choir and a group of lady campanologists to avert disaster. A meteorological musical comedy. Ben Luxton/Stephen Frost THE SOUND of SEEING 1963 (13 mins) by Tony Williams (G) Made on a wind-up Bolex camera, The Sound of Seeing announced the arrival of 21-year-old filmmaker Tony Williams. Based around a painter and a composer wandering the city (and beyond), the film meshes music and imagery to show the duo taking inspiration from their surroundings. It was also one of the first independently-made titles screened on Kiwi television. Composer/author Robin Maconie later wrote the pioneering electronic music.

59mins long

Vincent Ward
Tony Williams
Stephen Frost
Robin Kewell
Ben Luxton