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Extreme Measures

The Kiss: Drama, 15mins, Aus Director Ashlee Page Returning home after a night out two teenage girls seek respite from the stifling heat. Fuelled by cheap alcohol and teenage hormones they make their way to an isolated fire-water tank, lured by the promise of cool water. (NZ Premiere) Ebony Society: Drama, 13mins, NZ Director Tammy Davis One night out stealing; two boys learn a lesson. Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt 3 Hours: Drama, 14mins, UK (NZ director) Director Regan Hall Based on a true story, with a cast made up entirely of Iraqi refugees, this film explores three hours in Baghdad when conflict arises in a community after a shocking event. Reception: Horror, 8mins, Aus Director Dane McCusker When an expectant teen mother reluctantly works the Night-Shift at a Hostel she must investigate a complaint about strange noises coming from one of the rooms. (World Premiere) Family Values: Comedy, 7mins, Aus Director Matthew Jenkin A father fakes his death to teach his son a lesson about needing to visit his parents more often. (NZ Premiere) The Burnt Cork: Drama, 10mins, Aus Director Alexandra Edmondson It's the 1960s, and Matthew and his wife live on a remote sheep station. Their quiet lives begin to unravel after an Aboriginal woman who lives on the station gives birth. (World Premiere) The Room at the Top of the Stairs: Animation, 15mins, NZ Director Briony Kidd A young artist feels overshadowed by a charismatic and dangerous girl she's never met, until she decides to follow in her nemesis' footsteps. (NZ Premiere)

1hr 22mins long