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Every Jack Has A Jill (Tea Party Screening) Poster

Every Jack Has A Jill (Tea Party Screening)

26-year-old Chloe (Melanie Laurent) lives alone in Paris, between a nosy neighbour, a petty-minded colleague and the preachy employee of a DVD rental store. It is a life that doesn`t meet her expectations. 30-year-old Jack (Justin Bartha), an American who`s been dumped by his girlfriend, wins a trip to Paris. By happy coincidence, Chloe gets her hands on Jack's suitcase, the one his father left him and to which he is deeply attached. Chloe falls in love with the suitcase`s contents. Chloe loves Jack, even though she`s never seen him, even though she knows nothing about him. She convinces herself that he's the man of her dreams, that they're made for each other, and she does everything she can to find him.

1hr 20mins long

Yvon Back
Valerie Benguigui
Tanya Blumstein
Melanie Laurent
Maurice Benichou
Justin Bartha
Jessica Pare
Jennifer Devoldere
Jeanne Ferron
Jackie Berroyer
Geraldine Nakache
Eric Berger