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Escort In Love

Alice (Paola Cortellesi) is a housewife in a posh part of Rome and a mother to nine year old, Filippo, (Giovanni Bruno) enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. When her husband dies in a car accident, she is left with a massive debt and the risk of losing her son. Desperately in need of cash and with no skills, Alice turns to the oldest profession in the world. Realising she is totally out of her depth, Alice looks to another escort, Eva (Anna Foglietta), for guidance and soon, she goes from an awkward amateur to a seductive professional. Meanwhile Alice and her son move to her former butler`s neighbourhood, and a new world of working-class folk, including a love interest in Giulio (Italian heart-throb, Raoul Bova). Cortellesi, who won Italy`s equivalent of an Oscar for this role, exudes warmth and charm as the new high-price call girl. This is a frothy film with over-the-top humour, romantic sentimentality and just a dash of social commentary.

1hr 33mins long

Rocco Papaleo
Raoul Bova
Paola Cortellesi
Michela Andreozzi
Massimiliano Bruno
Massimiliano Bruno
Hassani Shapi
Giovanni Bruno
Caterina Guzzanti
Anna Foglietta