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Errors of the Human Body Poster

Errors of the Human Body

With new scientific discoveries being made daily, it is little wonder that horror writers are so eager to mine this world for its cinematic potential. And hot on the heels of Brandon Cronenberg’s creepy Antiviral comes this German/ American/ Australian hybrid. Michael Eklund plays Dr. Geoff Burton, a man whose commitment to genetic research has become an obsession since his infant son died from a rare genetic disease that allowed tumours to grow all over his body, essentially smothering him. After this traumatic event, Geoff’s wife collapsed and, with nothing left to lose, he takes on a research position in Germany. His lab partner is a former intern/lover, which adds tension to the plot as the pair circle one another. Her research has led to the development of a regeneration gene that has the potential to do miracles to damaged spinal and brain tissue. They just need to figure out how to make the gene work in mammals. When Geoff is bitten by an infected mouse, and begins exhibiting symptoms of the disease his son died from, the race to find a way to make the gene work in humans takes on a greater urgency. This is an intense film that will keep you on your toes throughout its length while you try to figure out where it might go next. On one level it is an exploration of the psyche of a man breaking down under the emotional pressures assaulting him, while on another it deals with the obsession and sacrifice needed to make a breakthrough in any field. Ekland is undeniably the star here, but is ably supported by Karoline Herfuth (last seen here in the under-viewed, Vincent Wants to Sea) and an almost unrecognizable Rik Mayall. Eerie, atmospheric and nightmarishly creepy, Errors of the Human Body is smart without making the audience feel in over their heads. Recommended!

1hr 41mins long
M Contains language and nudity

Tómas Lemarquis
Michael Eklund
Karoline Herfurth