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Eden Is West

Just as in The Odyssey, the adventures of Elias (Ricardo Scamarcio), our hero without a legend, begin in the Aegean Sea, on this same sea, under the same sun and the same sky as at the beginning of civilization. After many incidents and eventful moments, including a stopover in Paradise and a short stay in Hell, his epic story magically finishes in Paris, the city where all wanderers see their deepest dreams shine in uncertain sleep. Eden is West depicts the wanderer's way, the story of those - like our mothers and fathers in days gone by - who cross the earth, brave oceans and uniforms in search of a roof over their heads. Elias's story is not the story of Ulysses, or of Jean-Claude, neither is it mine. But I recognize myself in Elias, this stranger who is not unfamiliar to me.� -Costa-Gavras The theme developed in Eden is West will draw everyone in, recognizing some aspect of themselves in the hero.

1hr 50mins long
M course language and nudity

Tess Spentzos
Stella-Melina Vasilaki
Riccardo Scamarcio
Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos
Mona Achache
Marissa Triandafyllidou
Lea Wiazemsky
Kristen Ross
Konstandinos Markoulakis
Juliane Kohler