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Driving Lessons

With yet another dreary school holiday coming around for the shy and downtrodden Ben (Rupert Grint) things couldn?t get mush worse. Seventeen years of living in an absurdly conservative and traditional household with his highly strung and overbearing mother (Laura Linney) and the quiet, mild mannered vicar father have taken its toll on young Ben. While the other kids are having fun, Ben spends these precious few weeks attending bible classes, having driving lessons with his mother and helping out at the local old people?s home. However, Ben?s world is turned upside down when he is employed by an eccentric retired actress Evie (Julie Walters). Evie?s unconventional and often downright bizarre behaviour challenges Ben?s beliefs, and forces him to confront the very idea of who he wants to be. Julie Walters is a knock-out in this role of a fading star with the acid tongue. Rupert Grint (Harry Potter Series) relishes the opportunity to play alongside her in this warm tale about friendship, old age, and coming of age.

M Contains offensive language.

Tamsin Eggerton
Rupert Grint
Oliver Milburn
Nicholas Farrell
Michelle Duncan
Laura Linney
Julie Walters
Jeremy Brock