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Don Quixote Ballet Poster

Don Quixote Ballet

Don Quixote decides to become a knight and set out in search of adventures, making Sancho Panza his squire. Near Lorenzo's Inn, Sancho Panza announces the arrival of Don Quixote, the knighterrant of La Mancha. Lorenzo's daughter Kitri and her forbidden lover Basil slip away. Kitri is finally caught by her father. Basil pretends to stab himself, and Kitri asks that her father grant Basil's dying wish and bless their marriage. Don Quixote urges Lorenzo, and finally he gives his consent. Suddenly Basil jumps up and the lovers are united. At the wedding, the lovers dance for Don Quixote, who is the guest of honour. Now that his benevolent mission is completed, the knight departs in search of new adventures.

2hrs long