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Doc Edge : Dance Of The Instant/Marching On Poster

Doc Edge : Dance Of The Instant/Marching On

Dance of the Instant The New Dance Group pioneered modern dance in the period 1945-1947. The Group was controversial, years ahead of its time but a forgotten chapter in New Zealand dance history. Filmmaker Horrocks and dance historian, Marriane Schulz evoke New Zealand's post-war mood – a time of optimism and excitement, with a new sophistication emerging in a previously old-fashioned and provincial society. They capture how a young group, without money or institutional support, succeeded in creating something new in the arts, by sheer determination and innovative thinking. Marching On Joan Prenderville is no ordinary 76-year-old. Under her curler-set, greying hair, and the creases in her skin, lies a woman dedicated to marching and dancing. Joan is one of thousands of women who marched in their youth, but refuses to say goodbye to their passion as they grow old. When not leading a team of formation marchers, Joan is tap dancing, cane twirling and Irish jigging for entertainment group "Nan's Grans" at rest homes and working men's clubs.

1hr 40mins long