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David Lurie is a divorced Professor of romantic poetry, in post-apartheid South Africa. He visits Soraya, a Malay call girl, and worries about the safety of his Lesbian daughter Lucy, who lives on a remote farm. A privileged man, David abuses his academic position to have an affair with a "coloured" student, Melanie Isaacs. Following a witch-hunt inquiry by the University, where he does not defend himself, David is forced to resign. He retreats to Lucy's farm, where Petrus, a black worker, helps out. David harvests flowers, and to please Lucy, volunteers at an animal welfare clinic. When three black strangers violently attack David and rape Lucy, Petrus is absent and David is unable to defend her. He is suspicious of Petrus. Lucy's radical resolution to her pregnancy is to keep the baby and share her land with Petrus, in return for his protection.

2hrs long
M Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes.

Steve Jacobs
Scott Cooper
Paula Arundell
Monroe Reimers
John Malkovich
Jessica Haines
Fiona Press
Eriq Ebouaney
Charles Tertiens