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Diaz - Don\'t Clean up this Blood Poster

Diaz - Don\'t Clean up this Blood

Violent clashes between police and demonstrators at the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa and the brutal death of a young 20 year-old have left the city on tenterhooks. As world leaders spend their last night in the northern Italian city, authorities look to minimise further high profile violence. Friends and demonstrators, journalists and alternatives from all over Europe settle down for the night at Diaz school, a temporary media centre. But this is to be anything but a peaceful night as 400 riot police storm the premises, claiming it to be the hide-out for anarchists and other political extremists. Based on true events, seen from many different perspectives, director Daniele Vicari`s ferocious fictional recreation allows the camera to tell the story. As a result, we are witness to one of the worst cases of known police violence in Italian history, the aftermath of which continues to reverberate in local and state politics even today.

1hr 55mins long
R16 Contains graphic violence,offensive language and nudity

Jennifer Ulrich
Elio Germano
Daniele Vicari
Claudio Santamaria